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Grading Periods

Grades K-5


End of 1st Trimester November 4, 2016
End of 2nd Trimester February 10, 2017
End of 3rd Trimester May 23, 2017





Grades 6-8


Grading Period Date
End of 1st Grading Period September 16, 2016
End of 2nd Grading Period October 28, 2016
End of 1st Semester December 16, 2016
End of 4th Grading Period February 10, 2017

End of 5th Grading Period

March 25, 2017
End of 2nd Semester May 23, 2017







Grading System and Grade Point Averages

Elementary (K-5)


Elementary students earn grades based on standards based grading.  The grading in on a 4 point scale.  The criteria for each grading scale is determined by each grade level team.  The scale is as follows:


1 Minimal Understanding

2 Partial Understanding

3 Adequate Understanding

4 Thorough Understanding

NA Standard Not Yet Taught or Assessed


Middle (6-8)


The following grade point averages are used to determine Honor Roll and Honor Society status:


Honor Roll 3.0-3.49


Honor Society  3.49- 4.0


Middle school students are also recognized in an honorable academic awards ceremony at the end of the year for their academic achievement.


Certificate of Recognition 3.0-3.49


Certificate of Achievement 3.5-3.82


Certificate of Achievement with an academic pin 3.83-3.99


Certificate of Achievement with an academic medal 4.0