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Science Olympiad


Welcome to Mesa Robles Science Olympiad!  


At Mesa Robles, we strive to encourage all students to be scientists and explore their world.  Students who participated in Mesa Science Olympiad have gone on to be architects, environmentalists, researchers, doctors, and people who make a positive impact on our world.  

Due to Covid-19, all contact will be done through digital formats such as Zoom and through email. 

We are happy to say that Science Olympiad will take place at Mesa Robles for Middle School in a virtual format for the 2020-2021 school year.  All competitions at this point will be held virtually.  

Tryouts for Science Olympiad will begin on
Friday, September 11th, at 2:35 pm through Zoom. 
This is an information session for any student who is in 6th-8th grade at Mesa Robles School who is interested in trying out for the Science Olympiad Team.  

Please see the flyer below for more details. 

Any questions can be directed to Ms. Collins or Mr. N, the coaches, whose emails are listed below. 

Email/Contact the coaches:

Jennifer Collins or   Jim Noiboonsook.

Advisors: Ms. Collins & Mr. N.

Congratulations 2020-2021 Team!

2020-2021 Roster
Braden K
Brandon L
Derek W
Ella M
Ethan D
Ethan S
Freya H
Ingrid O
Iris L
Karina Y
Kayla A
Kaylie Y
Kelly G
Kylie T
Leanne Y
Leona L.
Makayla S
Maren L
Marin R
Ming Yi S
Nathan C
Nathan H
Rachel W
Ryan T
Skyler L
Sophia C
Steven T

Official Rules 2020-2021 Seasons